Filippo Dal Fiore

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I have been trained as a social scientist and applied economist, combining qualitative and quantitative backgrounds. I also had the privilege of being advised by and working alongside experts in different technical fields, including engineering, design and computer science.

My formal education:
- PhD in Economics from the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam, NL (2011)
Research work in Spatial Economics (VU is ranked 6th in the world in urban economics and 7th in econometrics, by IDEAS), in collaboration with research advisors at the Massachusetts Institute of Tecnology

- BA & MA in Communication Sciences from the University of Padua, IT (2001)

I am currently serving the following organizations:
- University of Bologna, School of Economics, Management and Statistics
Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Business
- Great Place to Work Institute
Senior Advisor, Italian affiliate office

In the past, I have been contracted as a researcher by:
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Senseable City Laboratory, Cambridge-USA (2005-2013) (2009-11: Co-Head of Partners Relations and Technology Transfer)
- Austrian Academy of Science, Research Unit on Geographical Information Systems, Salzburg (AUS) (2007-09)
- University of Milano Bicocca, Research Unit on Quality of Life in the Information Society, Milan (ITA) (2004-07)
- University IUAV of Venice, School of Arts and Industrial Design, Venice (ITA) (2004-2005)
- University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, Research Center on Continuing and Life-Long Education, Venice (ITA) (2002-2004)
- Venice International University, Research Center on Technologies in Distributed Intelligence Systems, Venice (ITA) (2001-2002)

I am member of the Aspen Institute Italy, which I joined as a Junior Fellow in 2010.
I am fluent in Italian, English and Spanish. I also speak German at an intermediate level, and French at a basic one.

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