Filippo Dal Fiore

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Shortly after I returned to Italy after my PhD years in Boston and Amsterdam, Professors Lorenzoni and Ferriani of the Department of Management of the University of Bologna offered me the possibility to teach an International MBA course on Smart Cities in view of my experience at the MIT Senseable City Lab and as a hi-tech entrepreneur.

In connection to evolving my research interests in ethics and economics, I was later invited to teach a university course in Sustainable Business [link]. To prepare the course, I spent several years researching the subject and applying my newly gained experience as a business consultant. Students come from all over the world; together we examine today’s dominant business paradigms and how they may evolve in the future.

In addition, I have developed a new Professional (and Personal) Development module, aimed at the international MBA students enrolled at the Bologna Business School and in part promoted through the Golinelli Foundation. We socratically probe into the nature of self-awareness, ethics and authentic success. Leveraging on positive psychology as well as on the many lessons learned throughout my multi-professional career, if need be, I provide mentoring support to students, focusing on the uniqueness of their paths.

As an educator, I am aware of the fact that teachers and students need to reflect not only on expert knowledge but also on personal experiences and emotions. I believe in a fully-lived education in which intellectual and manual activities merge, and I dream of a new university model where students can experience unprecedented inter-disciplinary and inter-professional synergies.

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