Filippo Dal Fiore

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Research & Publications

My multi-disciplinary research journey has led me to publish in different scientific domains, on the following topics:

- innovation, complexity and inter-disciplinarity, as a new paradigm for science in a globally interconnected age; [green]
- digital data and human behavior, i.e. how aggregated digital data can be used to observe and understand change in individual and societal behavior, especially as concerns mobility; [blue]
- e-learning and digital society, or how digital technologies can be fostered for human learning, culture and organizational change. [grey]

I have published monographs and research papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and contributions to conference proceedings. I have been invited to present my research work at conferences and research institutions all over the world.


Dal Fiore, F., Martinotti, G.(2006)
Milan: McGraw-Hill

Costa, M., Dal Fiore, F.(2005)
[Entities in evolution. Organizational change through communities and networks of practice]
Turin: UTET

All other publications


Dal Fiore, F. (2010) Disciplines for the common good: from insular to systemic interdisciplinarity. In Cockell, M. et al., Common Knowledge. The challenge of transdisciplinarity, Lausanne (SWI): EPFL Press
Dal Fiore, F. (2010) Is Complexity Revealed By A Mutual Capacity To Blackmail? The Search For Geopolitical Equilibrium And The War On Terror. E:CO International Transdisciplinary Journal of Complex Social Systems, 12(4), 138-142, Litchfield Park (USA): Emergent Publications
Dal Fiore, F. (2008) Chicken or egg? Revealing the finalistic trigger of the causality chain. Proceedings of the 2nd World Knowledge Dialogue, Crans-Montana (Swi), 10-13.09.08
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Dal Fiore, F., Martinotti, G. (2005) Alle radici dell’innovazione. Una questione di interfaccia, tra comunità e reti. Rome: Technology Review Italia


Dal Fiore, F., Mokhtarian, P., Salomon, I., Singer, M. (2014) Nomads at last? New perspectives on how mobile technology may affect travel. Journal of Transport Geography 41 (2014) 97-106, Amsterdam: Elsevier
Dal Fiore, F., Beinat, E., Rietveld, P., Hawelka, B. (2011) Comparative analysis of urban areas through mobile phone data signatures: a case study in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. Proceedings of the 8th Intl Symposium on Location Based Services, Vienna, Austria, Nov. 21 2011
Dal Fiore, F. (2011) Exploring the impacts of mobile technologies on human travel and spatial behavior. Analysis of empirical evidence from 3 case studies. PhD Thesis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Dal Fiore, F., Beinat, E., Rietveld, P., Hawelka, B. (2011) Exploring the relationship between land use and mobile phone usage: analysis of a dataset for the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Proceedings of the PURBA 2011 Intl workshop, San Francisco, CA (USA), 12/06/2011
Dal Fiore, F. (2011) Currentcity: sperimentazioni dalle citta’ olandesi e oltre.
Urbanistica e Informazioni, N.238
Dal Fiore, F., Beinat, E., Rietveld, P. (2010) How is the mobile revolution changing human mobility? A cross-disciplinary literature review. Proceedings of the 3rd Intl Conference on Mobile Life, Brighton (UK), 27-29/10/2010
Vaccari, A., Dal Fiore, F., Beinat, E., Biderman, A., Ratti, C. (2009) Current Amsterdam: studying social dynamics through mobile phones network data. Proceedings of Imagining Amsterdam 2009, University of Amsterdam
Dal Fiore, F., Beinat, E. (2008) The Adoption of Mobile Location-Aware Systems for Field Police Work: Evaluation of a Pilot Initiative at the Dutch Police. In Gartner, G., Rehrl, K., Location Based Services and Telecartography II, Berlin: Springer
Dal Fiore, F., Beinat, E., Ratti, C. (2008) Do mobile users move differently? Exploring the spatial implications of ubiquitous connectivity at MIT campus. In Car A., G. Griesebner and J. Strobl, Eds. Geospatial Crossroads @ GI_Forum ’08. Proceedings of the Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg. Heidelberg: Wichmann
Dal Fiore, F., Rex., B., Vaccari, A. (2008) Wikicity: can a city perform as a real-time control system? Foco 76 Chilectra, Chile: Santiago
Girardin, F., Blat, J., Nova, N., Dal Fiore, F., Ratti, C. (2008) Leveraging urban digital footprints with social navigation and seamless design. Proceedings of CHI 2008, ACM Press

Girardin, F., Calabrese, F., Dal Fiore, F., Ratti, C., Blatt, J. (2008) Digital footprinting: Uncovering the presence and movements of people from user-generated content, IEEE Pervasive Computing, PCSI-2008-05-0048, October/November 2008, pp. 78-85.
Girardin, F., Dal Fiore, F., Ratti, C. & Blat, J. (2008) Leveraging Explicitly Disclosed Location Information to Understand Tourist Dynamics: A Case Study. Journal of Location Based Services, 2, 1, pp. 41-56
Girardin, F., Dal Fiore, F., Blat, J. & Ratti, C. (2007) Understanding of Tourist Dynamics from Explicitly Disclosed Location Information. Proceedings of the 4th Intl Symposium on LBS & TeleCartography, Hong Kong, 8-10 November 2007
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Boffi, M., Dal Fiore, F., D’Ovidio, M., Gui, M., Natoli, E. (2005) Wireless connected tablet-pc and GPS for on-campus micro-mobility research at the University of Milan Bicocca. Proceedings of TERENA, Poznan, Poland


Dal Fiore, F. (2007) The paradox of communication: towards a society of inattention? Workshop at the 3rd Intl Conference on Communities & Tecnologies, University of Michigan
Dal Fiore, F., Epstein, M. (2007) Il progetto History Unwired: valorizzare la cultura locale attraverso le tecnologie ICT. In Esposito, A., Mazzei, A. Valore e valori nelle relazioni organizzative e di pubblica utilità. Roma: Carocci
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Dal Fiore, F., Gui, M. (2005) Student-centered e-learning: una sperimentazione sul cronotopo della Bicocca. In Delfino & al. (eds), Come costruire conoscenza in rete?, pp.67-79, Ortona: Menabò
Dal Fiore, F. (2003) E-learning for Artisan SMEs, Project Report, Venice: University Ca’ Foscari of Venice
Epstein, M., Garcia, C., Dal Fiore, F. (2003) History Unwired. Mobile Technology for Intelligent Tourism and Citizenship, Cambridge, MA: M.I.T.

Presentations at international conferences:

Rome (ITA), November 2017, Martin Luther’s Heritage in Modern Economics and Social Sciences, LUMSA University
“Are social sciences in need of a fundamental reform?”
Verona (ITA), October 2017, L’impresa etica e sostenibile: un futuro che è già presente, Business Conference Chairing
Henley (UK), June 2014, Strenghts-based leadership: building bridges between sectors Henley Business School – University of Reading
“Disciplines for the common good. Overcoming the compartmentalization of human knowledge and professional development”
Doha (Qatar), October 2013, WISE, World Innovation Summit for Education
WISE Meet-up on “Building the future of inter-professional education”
San Francisco, CA (USA), 12/06/2011, 9th Intl Conference on Pervasive Computing (PURBA 2011 workshop)
“Exploring the relationship between land use and mobile phone usage”
Cambridge, MA (USA), 13/04/2011, Forum on Future Cities (MIT and Rockefeller Foundation)
Carlsbad, CA (USA), 07/12/2010, ECAR Symposium 2010: mobilizing campus and transforming community
Keynote speech: “Nomads at last? Understanding the impact of mobile technologies on human spatial behavior”
Brighton (UK), 27/10/2010, MLife 2010
“Leveraging mobile phone and web 2.0 data to map urban dynamics”
Alpach (AUS), 27/08/2010, European Forum Alpbach, Technology Forum
Observing and modeling our social world: opportunities and challenges in the age of digitization and complexity”
London (UK), 22/05/2010, Intl Workshop on Comparative Urban Genetics, University College London
“Collective sensing”
Roma (ITA), 21/05/2010, Lega Ambiente “Participio Futuro”
Participation to debate on “Generazioni a confronto”
New York (USA), 12/05/2010, United Nations, ‘Sustainable Mobility in Mountain Areas’ at the CSD18
“Implementing advanced mobility and ICT solutions in mountain environments
Rotterdam(NL), 21/04/2010, Rotterdam Open Data Conference, Rotterdam University (remote participation)
“Collective Sensing”
Groningen (NL), 27/01/2010,  Intl Research Workshop Towards improved measurement of landscape preferences, Rijks Universiteit Groningen – LEI Wageningen
The analysis of aggregate mobile phone data to model land use and landscape preferences”
Genova (ITA),  11/12/2009, Scientific Workshop on Mountain Mobility and Transport, SWOMM Foundation
“The role of ICT infrastructure in urban mobility management”
Salzburg (AUS), 27/11/2008, 5th Symposium on Location Based Services & Telecartography, University of Salzburg
“The Adoption of Mobile LBS for Field Police Work. Evaluation of a Pilot Initiative”
Firenze (ITA), 23/10/2008, Festival della Creativita’ 2008
“Mobilità intelligente, tecnologie digitali e cittadini The real-time city: il digitale al servizio della citta’ intelligente.  Visione e progetti dal Senseable City Lab del MIT”

Crans-Montana (SWI), 12/09/2008, World Knowledge Dialogue, WKD Foundation
Participation as young scientist
Canterbury (UK), 02/09/2008, International Conference on Conflict and Complexity, University of Kent – UK’s Complexity Society
“Does complexity manifest as the power to blackmail? The search for geopolitical equilibrium and the war on terror”
Salzburg (AUS), 01/07/2008, GI Forum 2008 on Applied Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg
“Do mobile users move differently? Exploring the spatial implications of ubiquitous connectivity at MIT campus”
Salzburg (AUS), 05/07/2007, GI Forum 2007 on Applied Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg.
“Real-Time Modelling of Digital Information on Urban Activities”

Lansing, MI (USA), 28/06/2007, 3rd Intl Conference on Communities & Technologies, Univ. of Michigan
Organization of workshop: “The paradox of communication: towards a society of inattention?”
Padova (ITA), 20/04/2007, City Logistics Expo
“Innovazione tecnologica per la logistica urbana”
Firenze (ITA), 09/11/2006, Provincia di Firenze, Presentation to the Italian Ministry of Technology and Innovation
“La carta di Firenze. Per una buona pratica per la gestione di progetti di connettivita’ wireless in aree svantaggiate”
Madrid (SPA), 07/04/2006, Scientific Workshop – MO.VE Mobility Forum
“Assessing the impact of Wi-Fi on urban mobility”
Venezia (ITA), 18/07/2005, “Citta’ dell’arte” Workshop, Pistoletto Foundation – Venice Intl University
“History Unwired: bridging cultural gaps through place-based media”
Milano (ITA), 13/06/2005, 2nd Intl Conference on Communities and Technologies, University of Milano Bicocca
Organization of workshop: “Communities versus networks: the extremes of a continuum of social containers for innovation”
Feltre (ITA), 28/04/2005, La comunicazione pubblica e di pubblica utilità, University IULM Feltre
“Il progetto History Unwired: valorizzare la cultura locale attraverso le tecnologie ICT”
Poznan (POL), 08/06/2005, Terena – Intl Conference on Networking
“Wireless connected tablet-PC and GPS for on-campus micro-mobility research at the University of Milan Bicocca”
Genova(ITA), 25/11/2004, Convegno SIEL, Fiera di Genova
“Digital Portfolio. E-learning come sviluppo personale integrato”
Genova(ITA), 28/10/2004, Convegno Elearning, CNR-Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche
“Student-centered e-learning. Una sperimentazione sul cronotopo della Bicocca”
Rovigo (ITA), 05/04/2003, Associazione Artigiani Ecipa
“Il progetto “E-learning per l’artigianato e la PMI: presentazione dei risultati dell’indagine sul campo e della fase di sperimentazione”
Perugia(ITA), 07/05/2003, Dall’E-learning all’e-book, Universita’ d.Stranieri di Perugia, Dipartimento di Culture Comparate
“Tecnologia, emozioni, creazione: l’orizzonte dell’e-learning”
Verona(ITA), 2003, Job Orienta, Fiera di Verona
“E-learning per la Piccola e Media Impresa: risultati e prospettive”
Verona(ITA), 2003, Sat Expo’, Fiera di Vicenza
“E-learning per la Piccola e Media Impresa: risultati e prospettive”
Genova(ITA), 2001, TED Conference, Fiera di Genova
“Apprendimento e ICT: potenzialita’ e prospettive”

London (UK), July 2022, online
“Science with a heart. What does it take to build a more benevolent science?”
Webinar for the Science and Medical Network

London (UK), April 2018
Science & Spirituality series at the World Community for Christian Meditation
“Science with a heart. In search for a new paradigm” (link to audio recording)

Passariano (ITA), Sept 2015, CSR Day – Animaimpresa
“L’impresa a dimensione d’uomo: un futuro che è già presente”

Lyon (FRA), Jan 2014, The Loop Consultancy
“Disciplines for the common good. Overcoming the compartmentalization of human knowledge and professional development”

Moscow (RUS), Sept 2012, National Research University (United Nations, ITU, remote participation)
“Currentcity: big data consulting and R&D”

Geneve (SWI), March 2012, United Nations – ITU
Innovation in big data analytics: from lab to market to standards

Venice (ITA), January 2012, Generali Group
“Sustainable mobility solutions: opportunities for Generali”

Rio De Janeiro (BRA), January 2012, Metropolitan Committee for Rio
“The Senseable City: opportunities for Rio”

Cambridge, MA (USA), October 2011, Italian Trade Commission
Fostering International Entrepreneurship: U.S. & Italian strategies for turning academic research into business
“Currentcity: building a path from the Lab to the market”

Amsterdam (NL), October 2011, Amsterdam Municipality, Dept. of Urban Planning
“Collective sensing”

Boston, MA
(USA) November 2010, Northeastern University, Center for Complex Network Research- Barabasi Lab.
“Collective sensing”

Boston, MA (USA), April 2010, Boston University, School of Hospitality, The Boston Symposium
“The Senseable City: an urban infrastructure perspective”

Seoul (KOR), March 2009, Sejong University, Dept.Urban Design
“The Senseable City: vision and reality”

Incheon (KOR), March 2009, Incheon Intl Urban Design Competion for Students
“The Senseable City: vision and reality”

London (UK), August 2008, Department of Information Science, City University London
“Cities as real-time control systems: which role for geo-information?”

Lausanne (SWI), July 2007, Executive Master in e-Governance, EPFL
“E-governance in real-time? A new role for mobile technologies”

Salzburg (AUS), July 07, Summer School on Location Based Services, Salzburg University
“Mobility and ubiquitousness: case studies and empirical results from MIT campus and Dutch police”

Cambridge, MA (USA), October 2007, Urban Information Systems, M.I.T.
“Digitally Augmented Cities”

Amsterdam (NL), December 2006, Spatial Information Lab, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
“Measuring the impact of wireless technology on spatial behavior”

Citta’ di Castello (ITA), May 2004, June 2004, Executive Master in Training Management, Villa Montesca Research Institute
“E-learning: technologies, tools, learning objects”

Geneve (SWI), April 2003, TECFA Education&Technology Research Center, University of Geneve
“E-learning for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”

Venezia (ITA), February 2003, Executive Master in NeT Training for Artisan Regional Economy, University Ca’ Foscari
“Tecnologia, emozioni, creazione: l’orizzonte dell’e-learning”

Cambridge, MA (USA), February 2003, Comparative Media Studies Programme, M.I.T.
“Online communities of practice and e-learning”

Edinburgh (UK), January 2003, Queen Margaret University
“Online communities of practice for continuing education and training”

Edinburgh (UK),  January 2003, Napier University, Dept. Social Informatics
“Online communities of practice for continuing education and training”

Jesi (ITA), June 2012, Inauguration of Jesi Cube Business incubator
“Currentcity: bulding a path from the lab to the market”

(ITA), April 2012, Campus Mentis, Universita’ Sapienza Roma
Career testimonial

Padua (ITA), April 2012, SMAU & Padua Chamber of Commerce. The New Digital Enterprise workshop
Currentcity: bulding a path from the lab to the market

Frosinone (ITA), March 2012, Frosinone Smart Province, Provincia di Frosinone
The Senseable City: visions and projects

Bologna (ITA), October 2012, Istituto italiano imprenditorialita’, Dai term sheets all’exit
Start-up testimonial

Orta (ITA), April 2013, Comune di Orta/Vicariato
Start-up testimonial

Padova (ITA), February 2014, Festival First per l’Innovazione, il Sociale e il Territorio
Start-up testimonial


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