Filippo Dal Fiore

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Social scientist

I am a scientist and a humanist who loves to observe and reflect on our social world. I believe that only by dismantling discretional assumptions and prejudices we human beings can truly build truthfulness, authenticity and freedom.

My intellectual journey began while I was working towards my Bachelor degree in Communication Sciences, which paved the way for a ten-year multi-disciplinary research on the societal implications of new information and communication technologies. The very nature of the subject offered me the opportunity to collaborate with experts from different  academic disciplines – including econometricians, engineers, designers, sociologists, educators – and led finally to a PhD in Economics grounded in several and diverse empirical studies.

Over the years, I have noted that social sciences could evolve much further by fully addressing issues such as reductionism, impermeable disciplines and specialties, conflicting theories, enduring assumptions, ideologies or normativities, unclear causality, and many self-referential works unrelated to the real world.

In order to make the best use of my holistic view, eventually it dawned on me that rather than trying to fit into a tenure-tracked professorship, it might be more opportune to work toward a new paradigm to reconcile the social sciences with what I would define as “good and universal common sense”. Simplicity and comprehensiveness, which have become my by words, have opened new horizons and have led me to maintain my current independence from all academic departments and schools of thought.

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