Filippo Dal Fiore

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Entrepreneurship & Professional Activities

I have always been very focused on knowledge and technology transfer from academia to the outside world. I also have co-founded and co-directed two start-up ventures based on research initially conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

- a spin-off from the M.I.T. Senseable City Laboratory (Real-Time Rome project)
- located in: Amsterdam (NL)
- mission: to observe and understand cities in real-time and retrospectively by aggregating and analyzing all sorts of anonymized digital data generated by people
- field of expertise: data analytics applied to smart cities
- role in Currentcity: co-founder and director (jointly with Prof.Euro Beinat)
- industrial partners: KPN Telecom, Telecom Italia
- clients: Cisco, Tellart, Police Amsterdam, Police Amsterdam, RWS (Dutch Ministry of Transportation and Waters), PBL (Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency), Tellart
- participation to industry trade events and international conferences: Partnership for Urban Innovation (Shanghai 2010 Expo), Picnic, Club van Marseen (RWS), ICT Delta, Rotterdam Open Data
- in the news (English): ORF, Innovcity, The Economist, Financial Times, Technology Review

History Unwired (2006 to Untravel Media)
- a spin-off from M.I.T. Comparative Media Studies, M.I.T. SENSEable City Laboratory, IUAV – Venice School of Design and Arts
- mission: to reinvent the way tourists explore cities and interact with locals, by means of mobile devices
- field of expertise: mobile narratives and digital storytelling
- role in History Unwired: co-founder and project manager (jointly with Michael Epstein and Cristobal Garcia)
- role in Untravel Media: none
- industrial partners (History Unwired): Design Continuum, Motorola, Dell Italia, Ericsson Italia, H3G Italia, Unindustria Venezia
- sponsors (History Unwired): Veneto Regional Authority, Venice Association of Hoteliers, Venice Biennale, Venice Tourist Guides Association
- in the news (History Unwired): Wired, BBC, El Pais, Corriere della Sera, Turisti per Caso

On behalf of the M.I.T. Senseable City Laboratory, I have been inventing and discussing new Research & Development partnerships, helping to build our “Senseable Cities Consortium”:

Partner: World Bank (2012)
Industry: Banking
Topic of partnership: new transport solutions for the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region

Partner: Vale (2011)
Industry: Mining
Topic of partnership: new tracking technologies in the Amazon, for sustainable development

Partner: BBVA Group (2010)
Industry: Banking
Topic of partnership: a digital platform for real-time data sharing and marketing

Partner: ENEL Group (2009)
Industry: Energy
Topic of partnership: location technologies for worker safety in construction plants

Partner: General Electric (2009)
Industry: Conglomerates
Topic of partnership: creative visualization of health and energy data

Partner: Government of Singapore (2009)
Industry: Transportation
Topic of partnership: future urban mobility

Partner: Florence Provincial Authority, Italy (2007, 2006)
Industry: Tourism, Innovation
Topics of partnership: mapping tourism using; organization of international conference on urban Wi-Fi initiatives

In the recent past I have been appointed as external consultant by several organizations:

Fondazione Golinelli (2015-today)
Domain: New education paths for university students, Design Thinking education, University-Industry collaboration, New educational paths for education leaders

Bonfiglioli Consulting (2014)
Domain: Human factors in lean management, a bottom-up qualitative research in manufacturing companies

United Nations, ITU – International Telecommunication Union
Appointed as expert in focus group “Bridging the gap: from innovation to standards”

European Union, Alpine Space Programme
Appointed as expert, elaboration of a regional macro-strategy for the Alps

European Commission, DG Information Society (2010)
Appointed as expert, evaluation of proposals

Masdar City, C2Mill (2009)
Domain: Design of an innovative urban way-finding system

Asia (Italy-China Technology Transfer)
Participation to a delegation of Italian entrepreneurs in China

Reed Elsevier Italia (2006)
Domain: Design of a survey on acceptance of e-learning services

Association of Artisan Businesses, Treviso (2005)
Domain: Design of a new business incubator for creative companies

Previously, I also served as an intern for the following organizations:

ETS European Consultants/European Parliament (2002)

University of Salamanca, Press and Public Relations Office (2001)