Filippo Dal Fiore

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..and a family man!

I am a husband and father of two wonderful children. Just as in all other aspects of my life, I like to give my family life all of my energy and passion and I try to spend as much quality time as possible at home.

I often reflect on the many relational dynamics that take place every day, realizing how home and the family represent an important training ground for developing patience and tolerance. I entirely agree with Mother Teresa who considered children, who are able to inspire us because of the authenticity of their love, the best teachers.

In my experience family happiness requires conscious efforts and personal balance. In this respect, daily meditation has vastly improved all aspects of my life: by finding time to “silently do nothing” I recharge batteries and cultivate an ever-fresh and grateful approach to life. I have learned to seek my own happiness and in so doing discover how best to contribute to the world.

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