Filippo Dal Fiore

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My long stay in academia led me to develop strong curiosity about how the real world works in practice. I was under the impression that I could understand our economy in a much more comprehensive way if I gained first-hand experience of it.

Those thoughts led me during my PhD years to connect with global companies that were interested in the applied research of my MIT laboratory. I also co-funded and co-managed two start-up ventures in the attempt to bring our initial technological inventions to market, a privileged position to experience in today’s capitalism “on steroids” context. [Learn more on my applied research and entrepreneurial initiatives]

My intense experience as a hi-tech entrepreneur made me realize that the speed of today’s markets could lead to unclever uses of human potential and unnecessary products. In view of this awareness, my interests slowly migrated to topics related to ethics and economics, including the premises for meaningful quality of work.

Today I collaborate as senior advisor with the ‘Great Place To Work Institute’, a global research and consulting firm. We conduct organizational climate surveys to help companies of all kinds to create workplaces that can be both humane and productive.

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