Filippo Dal Fiore


Book readings are an essential part of my continuing education.
The following are recent readings that I considered “eye-opening”:

The city of joy (Lapierre)
The Valkyries (Coelho)
Snow (Pamuk)
Sozaboy (Saro-Wiwa)
A journey to Portugal (Saramago)
The kite runner (Hosseini)
The shadow of the Sun (Kapuzinski)
Children of Dust (Eteraz)

Saving capitalism (Reich)
From values to actions. The four principles of value-based leadership (Kraemer)
Six simple rules: How manage complexity without getting complicated (Morieux, Tollman)
Small is beautiful (Schumacher)
Change everything (Felber)
Sacred economics (Eisenstein)
Per qualche dollaro in piu’/For a few dollars more (Baranes)
The price of inequality (Stiglitz)
Making globalization work (Stiglitz)
The return of depression economics (Krugman)
The end of poverty (Sachs)
The conscience of a liberal (Krugman)
Freefall: America, free markets and the sinking of the world economy (Stiglitz)
Globalization and its discontents (Stiglitz)
Confessions of an economic hit man (Perkings)
A colossal failure of common sense: the inside story of the collapse of Lehman Brother (McDonald, Robinson)
Factor Four (Earthscan)
The world is curved (Smick)
Connected: 24 hours in the global economy (Altman)
The end of work (Rifkin)

Transforming Stress (Childre, Rozman)
Making peace with ourselves (Thich Naht Hahn)
Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being (Huffington)
A general theory of love (Lewis et al.)
Daring greatly (Brown)
Happier (Tal Ben-Shahar)
The pursuit of perfect (Tal Ben-Shahar)
Getting to yes (Fisher)
Difficult conversations (Stone et. al)
The paradox of choice (Swarz)
Le emozioni dei bambini/The emotions of kids (Filliozat)
On Leadership (Harvard Business School)
The Danger of a Single Story (Adichie)
The seven principles for making marriage work (Gottman)

and political affairs
The slow fix (Honorè)
Summer Meditations (Havel)
Collapse: how societies choose to fail or survive (Diamond)
The geography of thought (Nisbett)
Gomorra (Saviano)
The dark heart of Italy (Jones)
The Art of non-government/L’arte del non governo (Ricolfi)
The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers (Citrin)
Forza, Italia/Good Italy, Bad Italy (Elmott)

International affairs
Plutocrats (Freeland)
The post-American world (Zakaria)
The future of freedom (Zakaria)
The clash of civilizations (Huntington)
Rising powers, shrinking planet (Klare)
The J curve: A New Way to Understand Why Nations Rise and Fall (Bremmer)

A simple path (Mother Theresa)
Selections from Gandhi/Antiche come le montagne (Gandhi)
The art of communicating (Thich Naht Hahn)
The hearth of creation (John Main)
The voice of knowledge (Don Miguel Ruiz)
The seven spiritual laws of success (Deepak Chopra)
The power of I am (Joel Osteen)
Love (Sri Chinmoy)
Blue Sky God (Don MacGregor)

Biomimicry. Innovation inspired by nature (Benyus)
Why leaders eat last (Sinek)
A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in the Far East (Terzani)
The courage to teach (Palmer)
La sobrieta’ felice/The happy sobriety (Rabhi)
The geography of Bliss (Weiner)
System effects (Jervis)
The invisible computer (Norman)
The meaning of the 21st century (Martin)
The skeptical environmentalist (Lomborg)

…and a few TV shows and documentary series:
PBS, Frontline
Arte TV
RAI, Caterpillar
BBC, The toughest place to be…
Top documentaries

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last